moncler outlet uk Simple Storage Box

Simple Storage Box

Choose your biscuits (don’t eat them!!! ) I used no 10. Set your jointer height so the blade will be in the center of the timber and set the depth of the blade to be in the center of your biscuit.

Most important: work on a SUPER FLAT surface or your joints will not match. Hold the jointer using the red guide line against your pencil mark on the timber, turn jointer on and push it into the timber moving about 5mm left and right to create a wider joint in case you miss the mark.

On a flat surface use clamps to pull parts together, what will happen is the timber will lift up like a banana so use 2 thick lengths of timber and clamp them pushing the work piece downwards.

On this video I’m showing you how to use a biscuit jointer:

Kreg Pocket Jig is one method (one I actually love as I own one).

Making a 15degree hand router slide block is another way to make a pocket bore slot. Both methods are great for flat jointing panels.

Another method if you have a table saw is tongue and groove. A router is beter suited for this if you have a table mounted router. Both allow you to set your cuts to have a flush surface.

Another method uses a Hand router and a jig that creates a slot in both boards and placing a piece of wood like a biscuit but uses a home made jig that clamps to the boards using the router to create the biscuit slot.

Another method if you have a table saw is using a 4 diameter x 1/16 scoring saw that cuts a 1/16 groove in the edge of the board. Then you can use 1/16 edge shavings from the edge of a board to act as the biscuits but as one long continuious biscuit down the length of the board.

Clamps are still a must for any of these methods.

Last is a $45 + (price will vary where you find them.) is a Table mounted Router with a finger joint router bit from Skill. There are other router bit companies that have more expensive versions but if you have a simple router table and this one bit you can finger joint all your planks together with an extremely strong glue joint.

Unfortunately,I do not have a pro account so I have no way to show you each of these methods. Just saying there are other methods than biscuits and dowels.

Of course there are many ways, for example you can use bigger sheets of timber that way the only thing you would have to do is cut it to the size you plan to build your box. I attached an image of a bigger plank of pine wood I used for another job or you could also use MDF which is not expensive and you can shape and paint it to be an amazing box. I attached an image of the inner box as an example. The blue lines represent the wall supports. The red dotted lines are screws screwed into pilot holes that you can leave open or close with wooden plugs. Apply enough wood glue and with the support blocks in place it will be as strong as if you used a biscuit jointer. It is not from suffocation from a lack of vent holes, that is a less serious problem, that can be remedied as you suggest, by having some vent holes in the chest.

The more critical aspect is that small children pull themselves up by grabbing the open lid, causing the lid to fall on their necks, which leads to a crushing neck injury, resulting in suffocation. Lids have also been noted to fall just by movement or jarring of the chest.

From my research, commercially produced chests, similar to this design, are not allowed to be sold without a mandatory safety device. Target Stores

recently recalled 350,000 wicker chests that lacked a safety support.

There have been more than 49 deaths of children reported from this hazard, I think that number is actually low, as the data reported is not really up to date.

The reason I included a link and a price for the safety device was not for promotion of any specific brand or merchant, but rather to show that the cost of $3.49 was quite reasonable, and that the devices are readily available.

Thank you again and I appreciate you clarfying my misunderstanding of the suffocation matter. I not trying to debate this matter but there is not much more I can do. My ible addition step 7 is very clear and I think everyone understands now the importance of the lid stay. You made a very good argument here regarding the danger. But just for the sake of argument I wonder statistically how many children die every year by falling off tables, chairs, beds etc or hitting their heads against corners of pointy sharp objects such as kitchen knives. Doors in every house can lead to fatalities too. Yes it is the parents obligation to baby proof the house but the same obligation could be for some one that makes this box. If you look in your 1mt radius around you you will see many hazards that could lead to children fatalities. Just a small example: my baby was pushing a baby chair around a shop and he stumbled across an obstacle on the floor and rolled over on his head inches from breaking his neck. It was scary to see it but the toy is still being sold like millions of other dangerous toys. I thank you again for clarifying the potential danger and the lid stay solution is satisfying for this matter.

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