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"We found similar reactions among patients who undergo hypnosis to relive traumatic events. They can’t jump directly into the specific memory. They need to be eased in. Even then, there can be problems."Synchronization referred to the Animus’ visual representation and measurement of its user’s adherence to the memories of their ancestor. Following genetic memories exactly as they had happened would result in full synchronization, and consequent access to certain repressed ones.

Inversely, a loss of synchronization resulted in the instability of the memory, which would eventually culminate in expulsion from it entirely. If all synchronization was lost, the meter would disappear; with one more desynchronizing action triggering a complete restart of the memory.

The first attempt at synchronizing Desmond with Altar

The ancestor’s mental state at the time of the memory heavily affected the user’s reliving of the memory in the Animus. As such, Desmond Miles’ very first use of the Animus caused an almost instantaneous loss of synchronization, as his subconscious could not yet handle the stress and trauma of the memory he was attempting to relive.

Since Desmond relived the memories of two of his Assassin ancestors, Altar Ibn La’Ahad and Ezio Auditore da Firenze, his synchronization level was closely tied to how well he followed the Creed. Additionally, falling from heights, being injured in battle, or entering cornered off areas could result in a loss of synchronization, indicating that this had not happened to the ancestor at the time.[1]

Similarly, being discovered in the process of an assassination would often result in an immediate loss of synchronization, as it did not happen to the ancestor. Accompanying this, certain events, despite seeming advantageous at the time, would cause desynchronization should it be inaccurate to the ancestor’s actions.[2]

Some additional memories did not affect synchronization, whether or not they were completed. These indicated that the ancestor had performed these actions, but they were not completely essential to the primary objective that the Animus subject required to complete. Such examples included collecting flags, and opening treasure chests.

In the Animus 1.28, synchronization lost would recover over time.[1] However, in the Animus 2.0, the synchronization meter was treated as more of an indication of health, with the user needing to use medicine or visit a doctor in order to restore it.[2]

The meter of the Animus 1.28

For the Abstergo Industries Animus, synchronization was divided into base and additional synchronization. Base synchronization was tied to the main memory, while additional synchronization came from side memories.

For the memories of Altar, the base level of synchronization available increased along with his rank in the Assassin Order. Maximum synchronization in the memories of him as a Novice was four, but increased by one slot at every rank, until finally reaching thirteen at the rank of Master Assassin. This could suggest that the synchronization level was tied to the ancestor’s skill level or capabilities at the time.

In turn, additional synchronization could be earned through completion of additional memories, such as saving citizens and climbing up to View Points. Completing fifteen of these would trigger the Animus to announce "DNA Synchronization Augmented" on its display, and it would increase the synchronization meter by one. Up to seven such additional bars could be obtained this way.[1]The meter of the Animus 2.0

Synchronization in Rebecca Crane’s Animus was seen as more of a status, and was indicated through percentage, rather than with a meter. Meanwhile, an additional health meter replaced the Animus 1.28’s synchronization meter in function, and was composed of multiple square indicators.

Synchronization could be increased by completing side memories, recovering objects (such as Codex pages, feathers or statuettes), and through unlocking the Armor of Altar.

The health meter, in turn, was increased by equipping armor and deciphering Codex pages. Maximum health could be achieved while wearing Altar’s armor, or a full Missaglias set, and by having all 30 Codex pages deciphered.

Unlike in the Animus 1.28, damage did not always completely deplete one square of the meter. Depending on the power of the attack received, or by the height of the fall, a square could only partially disappear, and would be recovered quickly after a few seconds. A completely empty square, however, would need to be healed or have armor repaired.[2]The meter of the Animus 2.01

After her team had traveled to Monteriggioni, Rebecca added an additional feature to the Animus 2.0, allowing Desmond to aim for full memory synchronization in certain memories. To achieve this, Desmond was required to relive the memory almost exactly as his ancestor had.

The most common conditions for full synchronization were either time related, weapon specific, or required him to remain undetected. Failing to complete the optional condition, despite finishing the memory, resulted in a 50% completion message.

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