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weedeater cultivator

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Exactly what I joined Instructables for! Good job. (yeah, I know this is a year later is timeless)

I had the same problem with my Masport cultivator, so mostly used it by pulling it backwards. I think both you and I are forcing our cultivators to be rotaryhoes. Cultivators are designed to the top layer of loose soil and scuff up weeds and are often not self driven, so their tines rotate forward to pull them along the ground this makes them climb out of the soil if it too hard. Rotaryhoes are for breaking up soil and are usually self propelled with the tines working against the direction of travel this makes them dig in, which is why they have a depth limiter. Having said that, I done a lot of hoeing with my cultivator! Either way, your idea is brilliant.

The first picture below shows me by pulling backwards. Long handles like yours would certainly help! The second pic shows the handtool eqivalent of a cultivator (in my hands) vs a rotaryhoe (the steelshafted garden fork on the very left of the pic). Can the cultivator do the fork job? With a lot of effort, but basically no. Can the fork do the cultivator job? Well sort of, but basically no. Right tool for the right job. If I was to break up a lot of firm ground, I hire a proper rotaryhoe.

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